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Who’s Who

There are lots of adults who work at Bromley Road Primary School.
The staff team for September 2016 includes:

Name Role/s
Miss Minnis Head Teacher/ Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Colyer

Deputy Head Teacher / Designated Safeguarding Lead/ Maths Leader/SENCo

Mrs Davies Senior Leader/ IPC and Kagan leader/ KS2 teacher
Mrs Snelgrove Senior Teacher/PSHE Leader/ School Council Coordinator
Mrs Newall SEN Teacher
Mrs Bartley Teacher/ EAL and RE Leader
Mrs Samuels Teacher - on maternity leave at present
Miss Fabricant Teacher/ Art & Design Leader
Miss Robinson Teacher/ Science Leader
Miss Bourne Teacher (maternity cover for Mrs Samuels); Literacy Leader
Miss Letchford Teacher/ Early Years Leader/ PE Leader
Mrs Maxwell Teacher/ Music Leader
Mrs McQuaid Teacher/ History & Geography Leader
Mrs Bergin PPA Cover Teacher/Learning Mentor
Mrs Ashman Teaching Assistant
Mrs Clayson Teaching Assistant
Mrs Pethurst Teaching Assistant/ Midday Activity Club Leader
Ms Roche Teaching Assistant/ Midday Supervisor
Ms Diaz-Lorca Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor
Ms Rayment Teaching Assistant/ Midday Supervisor
Ms Thompson Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lundy Teaching Assistant
Mrs Choudhury Teaching Assistant
Mrs Petrie Teaching Assistant
Mrs Beeton Teaching Assistant
Miss Gardiner Play Leader
Mrs Hughes Teaching Assistant/ Midday Supervisor
Mrs Ulysses Teaching Assistant/ Midday Supervisor
Ms Kelly Midday Supervisor
Mr Heydon Midday Supervisor/ Cleaner in Charge
Mr Laurie Site Manager
Mrs Tudor-Hall School Office/Finance Officer
Mrs Wright School Office Administrator
Ms Phillips School Business and Community Manager/ Designated Safeguarding Officer
Mrs Knox Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs Collins School Cook (Eden)
Mrs Kerridge School Kitchen Assistant
Ms Hudson School Kitchen Assistant


Classes and staff - September 2015