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School Council

Bromley Road's School Council is formed by two elected representatives from each class.

School Councillors wear a badge to identify them in their role. Their main job is to help the school run efficiently, by raising their class mates' concerns, ideas and suggestions at Council Meetings. Class Councillors must express their class mates' opinions, not just their own ideas. During School Council meetings, Councillors have helped to solve problems and develop new ideas to improve our school.

Our School Council is coordinated by Mrs Snelgrove.


School Council Meeting Dates for Autumn 2:

3rd November

10th November

17th November

1st December

15th December


Please look out for our new School Council board in school. 


Check out our new School council display!
Picture 1

Black History Month 2016


To celebrate Black history month at Bromley Road each class chose someone important in history. In class they researched this person and found out about their life and how they were inspirational. Below is the display that we created using the work the children had produced in class.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Anti-bullying week


Theme: The Power to be good.


Over the course of the week each class has been looking at:

How to be good

What is bullying?

How can we stop bullying?

How can we be a good friend

What should we do if we or someone we know is being bullied?


Year 5 + 2 worked together to create Drama pieces looking at situations of bullying and how we should resolve it.


Year 4 + 1 created posters all about 'how to be a good friend'


Year 3 and Reception created friendship bracelets and shared them with each other.


The children have had a great week! Below are some photos of what they have been doing: