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PTFA/ Friends of Bromley Road


All parents, carers and staff are automatically part of Bromley Road's PTFA. As we have a number of adult ex-pupils, volunteers and long-standing families associated with the school, we use the inclusive name - 'Friends of Bromley Road'.

Throughout history, the local families, professionals and businesses have played a huge role in forming the school's building, as well as providing much needed resources and activities. In recent years, play equipment, the outdoor classroom and garden, classroom resources, IT equipment and workshops have been provided through fundraising activities.

If you want to know more about being involved in today's activities, please contact the 'Friends' via and look out for flyers and notices on our whiteboard by the St George's Road entrance to the school.



Autumn Term 2016

The PTFA met for an AGM on 07/10/16 and elected a new committee to coordinate the events and volunteers for the year ahead. The confirmed roles are:

Secretary: Susan Cheetham
Treasurer: Don Quinlan

Chair: Gemma Collingbourne


We are very grateful to everyone who has contributed to the recent core team/events and hope they will be available for support, advice and coaching for the new team, as well as lending a hand in future events.


Our next Friends' of Bromley Road Meeting will be held at 9.15am on Thursday 13th October, to plan the Christmas Fair. Please join us, if you can - we look forward to seeing you there.