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Bromley Road Primary School is committed to creating skilled, confident readers who are eager to access the curriculum. The more you read and enjoy reading, the better and more confident you become at reading and the more you want to do it. Reading at BRPS consists of several components, the main ones being:



Children are taught the letter sounds or phonemes through daily practice using the ‘Letters and Sounds’ document. Alongside the teaching of phonics, children are taught to read by sight the common high frequency words.

As children develop in their reading, the emphasis changes from learning to read to reading to learn, where the balance of word recognition and language comprehension changes. Language comprehension will be developing alongside the growing skills of word recognition.



By reading and re-reading familiar and quality texts, children learn predictive skills and are able to discuss the characters and main events of the story.  At school, we read a wide range of rhymes, poetry, stories and non-fiction. Children learn to talk with confidence about the characters in a story, or the main events, for example. As children develop, they begin to express their own preferences and opinions showing a deeper understanding of narrative. They begin to ’read between the lines’ to answer questions, showing empathy for characters and are able to refer to specific parts of a text.

The support of parents is so important in making time to listen to children read every day. Reading aloud to children, both at school and at home, is critically important in developing language and thinking skills. Above all, enjoyment of books fosters imagination and a wider understanding of the world.


Guided reading

Guided reading gives the teacher and teaching assistant a chance to work closely with small groups of pupils who should be at a similar stage in their reading. Texts are carefully chosen and may be selected to support a topic or assessment focus and to enable challenging and in-depth discussion. Children are told their reading targets and are expected to read at home every day and to comment in their home/school reading contact books.

At Bromley Road Primary School we use banded books from a range of publishers until the children are ‘Free Readers’. From then on, the children have more choice in the books they read and can pick from their classroom book corners. Our banded books are taken from Big Cat Collins, Rigby Star and Rigby Rocket, The Oxford Reading Tree and Pearsons comics for phonics.

We are proud to say that at BRPS we have the power of reading! Teachers use this scheme of work to inform their planning. The Power of Reading encourages children, and adults alike, to read quality texts. For helpful children’s book lists and discussion ideas please see the relevant documents below:

The Telegraph have complied a list of 100 must read books for children. They include picture books, historical fiction and novels.


At Bromley Road Primary School we believe that all writers have something to say. That means that they have a purpose for their writing and know who they are writing for. They enjoy writing in a range of genres and can use texts to draw information and vocabulary to use in their own pieces. Good writers use grammar to change the intonation of their writing and to play with literary features, making the writing interesting and engaging. We edit and re-draft our writing to make it the best it can be and check it against a success criteria to ensure we have been thorough. Our writing is celebrated by sharing it with others and often our work is displayed, not only in our classrooms, but around the school so other children can enjoy it and aspire to become fantastic writers themselves.

Grammar Overview