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Becoming a School Ambassador

Becoming a School Ambassador 1

​Over the last 2 weeks Stingrays have been looking at 'Persuasive writing'. To begin with they looked at famous speeches made by Martin Luther King and JF Kennedy to identify the features involved in making an effective speech. They then looked at the new and exciting role of Bromley Road's first School Ambassadors.


​Planning, editing and re-writing became the focus before the class made their final speeches then voted for the best 8. Those voted were:











​These 8 children will now choose their own Campaign groups who will help them with their speech including: a power point presentation, badges, posters and plenty of encouragement.


​They will then present themselves in front of the school who will then vote for the final 4 school Ambassadors. We wish them lots of luck!



Greek myths and legends

Our Literacy Topic linked nicely with our IPC Topic: The Greeks, so the children looked at different Greek myths and legends. They then wrote their own and read them to the Year 2 class.

Picture 1
Picture 2
To help improve the writing in Stingrays the children were given the start of a story and were asked to write the middle (including a dilemma) and the ending to it. Once written, they sat in pairs and Rally coached each other on improvements. Below are some examples of this taking place:
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Children's work, in order: Evan, Sam and Chris

WW2 poetry


In Stingrays class we looked at WW2 and the battle of the Somme. 4 of the children were then chosen to go and read out their poems at Intu Bromley during a ceremony of Remembrance. They did an amazing job!

Picture 1

Biographies and Autobiographies


Our new and exciting topic in Literacy is biographies and autobiographies. Stingrays started off by looking at famous Scientists where they made notes on the materials the Scientist had created/discovered. This linked nicely to our IPC Unit at the moment.


Below is a photo of the class display:


Picture 1
Picture 2
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Stingrays have been focussing their learning over the last couple of weeks on Kensuke's Kingdom, during their Fiction writing unit. Below, are some examples of what they have been writing about.
Picture 1