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Information about our curriculum and learning:

Our curriculum is centred on the needs of our children. From the first days in Reception, the staff prepare creative, challenging and rewarding learning experiences that enable each child to reach their potential.

We offer learning experiences inside and outside – in separate play areas, our School Garden and on Beckenham Green. Visits to the local parks, museums, garden centres, shops and attractions beyond, enhance the children’s learning and life experience, as do the workshops, presentations and visitors who come into school.

Our team of staff work together to understand and meet the needs of each child – supporting children who may struggle in learning and also promoting those who are making exceptional progress. The small groups and individual support are carefully monitored and we work with outside agencies for further advice and assessment when appropriate.

We want to encourage the children to be independent learners, so are fortunate to have a Learning Mentor and 'Listening Ears' on our staff. As a healthy school, we teach the children how to look after themselves and encourage them to learn to do this independently. This year (2016-17) we are embarking on Peer Mediation Training, which will help the children to develop the appropriate skills and attitudes to tackle some of their friendship issues and worries. We know that physical health and strength support good learning, so we encourage the children to walk to school (or park and stride) and take part in early morning wake and shake routines. A number of staff have trained in 'Talking and Drawing' and 'Emotional Literacy' in order to support individual children where appropriate. We have access to a Counsellor for children, families and staff needing additional support and guidance.


Families who wish to exercise their right to withdraw their child from specific activities and curriculum (Religious Education, collective worship and Sex and Relationships education) are asked to meet with the Head Teacher to discuss their decision and confirm the decision in writing.


International Primary Curriculum

Since 2014, the staff have been busy preparing for the change from Infant School to Primary. After research and visiting other schools, we embarked on the International Primary Curriculum, as a way to organise and structure the children's learning within the Early Years and National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and 2. Our 2016-17 Route Plan for learning can be found below.


As a multi-cultural school, we have always celebrated the many nationalities and cultures that the staff and families represent. The IPC offers exciting themes within which the children's learning is organised, accompanied by Internationalmindedness and Personal Goals. Please see further information on our school motto, our values and the IPC Personal Goals in the Vision and Values section. 

IPC Route Map (Curriculum) 2016-17

Picture 1
As each learning journey begins, changes may well be made as we adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of our learners. Each week, the children bring home an overview of their school-based learning, with suggestions for 'home learning'. Parents/carers wanting to know more about the curriculum can speak with their child's class teacher, Mrs. Colyer or Miss Minnis.

Instrument lessons

We have visiting music teachers who take individual or small groups of children for weekly instruments lessons. The teachers are from the Bromley Youth Music Trust and lessons can be arranged via the School Office. As these lessons are outside of the Music Curriculum, there is a charge, which depends on the length of the lesson and the number of children involved. At present, we have children taking flute, recorder, violin, piano and cello lessons.

To learn more about Bromley Youth Music Trust, follow this link