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Assessment 20-1-16

The following documents were shared at the recent assessment workshop at school.  

The 'band' documents are a reference for you to know what the children are learning in class.  These have come straight from our Tracking system, 'Target Tracker'.  When a teacher sees that a child has achieved the skills and knowledge listed, then they will be securing and mastering these at a deeper level by using and applying them.  This is called 'Working at Greater Depth'.  


The last document is the interim 2015-16 assessment framework for end of Key Stage 1 (Y2) published by the Standards and Testing Agency.  This sets out the requirements for a child who is: working towards/ working at/ working at greater depth within the expected standards. 


We have also included some sample questions so you can see what the end of KS1 tests will look like.  These are purely a guide.

Assessment powerpoint presentation

Assessment information from Summer report 2015 (updated January 2016)

Interim assessment framework (Standards and Testing Agency document)