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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 

Bromley Road Primary School is a maintained community school. The Local Authority manages the school admission process.

For information on Bromley Admissions for Reception September 2017, please click the leaflet at the bottom of this page. For other year groups, please refer to Bromley Admissions for an in-year admission by following this link:

This information leaflet may also be helpful in explaining the process for in-year admissions: 


Reception 2017 applications:
If you live outside the London Borough of Bromley, you must apply to your local council, even if you want to apply for a Bromley school. You can however include Bromley schools on your home local authority application.

Bromley residents should apply online at from 1 September 2016.

Online applications will only be processed when proof of address and parental responsibility have been received by the Admissions Team. The deadline for application is Sunday 15th January 2017.


Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC)

If your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan (statement of special educational needs), please do not complete any of these forms but contact the Special Educational Needs team on 020 8313 4164 for further information.

Children with medical or social needs

In exceptional circumstances there is discretion to admit a child on the grounds of their or their family’s acute medical and social need for their first preference school only.  Applications must have been made by 15 January 2017 using the registration form for consideration under medical or social needs.

Starting Primary education in Bromley

School Structure

Previously, Bromley Road was a 3-form entry Infant School, but is now growing up and becoming a 1-form entry Primary School. This means that we have different number of children in some year groups and that we do not yet have a Y6 class.

From September 2016, we will have: one Y5 class, one Y4 class, one Y3 class, one Y2 class, one Y1 class and one Reception class. 
From September 2017, there will be one class in each year group from Y6 to Reception - the restructuring will be completed.


Important dates:

Sunday 15th January 2017: closing date for applications

Tuesday 18th April 2017: national offer day
Bromley resident applicants, accepted as on time, will be mailed (by first class post) an offer of a single school place. Notification of offer email will be sent to online applicants from 5.30pm.